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Enlightenment Services


  • Japenese for of alternative medicine, also known as "energy healing"

  • This technique is a form of healing, where energy is channeled through the means of touch 

  • Activating the natural healing processes, it is also known for restoring physical and emotional well-being 

30 Minutes            $40

60 Minutes            $70

Mindfulness Coaching

  • Mindfulness coaching aims to instill the positives of mindfulness in those who partake

  • This type of coaching can be described as a type of teaching or meditation in which one becomes intensely aware of their senses and emotions at that moment without the presence of over-interpretation or judgment

  • Some benefits to note are reduction of chronic pain, sleep improvement, ease of depressive thoughts, etc.

60 Minutes              $50

Crystal Healing

  • An alternative practice, where the use of crystals is utilized for therapeutic purposes

  • This practice promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual healing through the positive interaction between your chakra and the crystals

30 Minutes                $25

Chakra Alignments 

  • The meaning of “Chakra” translates to “wheel”, which refers to the points of energy in one’s body

  • These energy points should stay “open” and aligned to correspond with the parts of the body that correlate to our emotional and physical well-being

60 Minutes                $95

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